Operational Maintenance

We are the market leader in the operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure systems.

Virtually every aspect of life is impacted by the operation and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings, and water treatment plants. As a society, we have come to expect that these essential systems are in place and operating smoothly.

Our Operational Maintenance services include the following:

Roads/Highway Maintenance

Roads are used on a daily basis by multiple vehicles. - Roads are used for safe passage from one location to another, which is why it is essential to keep roads in good condition. - This can be done through proper road maintenance.

Building and Facilities Maintenance

The process of improving a building's usefulness by routinely maintaining capital properties, commercial equipment, and areas within or around it is known as facility maintenance.

Water/Wastewater Plant Operations

Water and wastewater treatment plants are responsible for treating water to ensure it’s safe for public consumption. Water is filtered and disinfected, and wastewater is decontaminated and purified before it is sent back out into the environment.

Quality and Control

A frequent sampling of a contractor's or vendor's engineering results over the course of a job is known as quality and control. ” Quality control starts as soon as a contract is signed, and it always lasts until the product is published.

Project Photos

Potch – Water Treatment Facility

Ventersdorp – Water Treatment Facility

Potchefstroom – Water Pipeline

Setlagole – Asphalt Project Shoot

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