Civil Engineering

Korone Engineers can handle the full range of civil and structural design services.

This includes the detailed design of all structural components, water, sewer, and stormwater reticulation, as well as road design and the full range of civil services provided by such projects.

Our Civil Engineering services include the following:

Detailed Stormwater Master Plan Design

A stormwater Master Plan fits in between a Catchment and River Management Plan and a Local Stormwater Plan. In practice, a Stormwater Master Plan concerns the functioning of bulk infrastructure within a catchment and includes implementation tasks and schedules.

Solid Waste Disposal

Waste management, in the general sense, is the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal or reuse of waste materials. Waste management is considered to be an interdisciplinary branch of engineering, environmental science, physical science, and public health.

Flood Level Calculations

Flood level calculations involve drawing a line around the building and calculating how much water would get into the building if it flooded. This is called the “flood level”. If the flood level is above a certain height, then the building is considered to be at risk of flooding.

Wastewater Systems Design and Management

The design and management of a wastewater system aims to control the quality of the water discharged into the environment while also handling the quantity of wastewater produced by a community.

Bulk Water Supply Pipelines and Water Reticulation Design

Water reticulation is the design and construction of a network of water supply pipelines, to supply drinking water from water sources to water users. A reticulation system generally consists of a pump station at the water source, a water storage reservoir, along with multiple water supply pipes that run from the pump station to the water outlets.

Development of Pavement Management Systems

Pavement management systems are a crucial component of road construction and maintenance, particularly with older asphalt roads that have been in place for many years. The term "pavement management systems" refers to systems that help engineers better manage the costs, quality, and functionality of roads.

Design of Rural and Township Roads

The design of rural and township roads is based on an overall assessment of the road’s purpose and function. These roads are mostly used by local traffic, which is in contrast to national roads, which cater for long distance traffic.

Geometric Pavement and Stormwater Design

Geometric pavement systems are designed to handle stormwater management during and after rain events and can be used to handle water runoff from a number of different sources.

Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Pavement rehabilitation and maintenance is important for ensuring the longevity of a pavement. Over time, as a pavement is used, it will begin to crack and develop potholes. During pavement rehabilitation, a number of different techniques can be used to repair a damaged pavement and get it back to its original state.

Project Photos

Lebalangwe – Road Project

Goedgevonden – Water Project

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