Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The problem-solving essence of all projects reflects their constructive and optimistic mindset.

The projects are regarded as such; receiving the care and attention it needs and deserves to achieve high-quality engagement in every detail. The necessary information is provided in a timely and precise manner, along with high-quality drawings that any contractor can use to complete the job successfully.

Our Mechanical Engineering services include the following:

Wastewater Treatment

A wastewater treatment system is designed to treat wastewater (also known as sewage or sewage water) by biological, chemical and physical processes to degrade contaminants to acceptable levels and stabilize the remaining wastewater so that it can be safely released into the environment.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is used to remove substances that can be harmful to people and animals and to make the water more aesthetically pleasing. One of the most common substances that are removed from water is chlorine.


Pump stations make it very easy to pressurise fluids, which means they make it possible to transport them over long distances. For example, in the oil industry, a pump station is used to transport oil from the well to the refinery. Another example is the gas industry, where pump stations help transport gas from the well to the distribution station.

Project Photos

Potch – Water Treatment Facility

Ventersdorp – Water Treatment Facility

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