About Us

Korone Engineers is an established consulting and project management firm.

We predominantly offer services in the built environment, i.e. civil and structural engineering, project management, development services, electrical and mechanical engineering and municipality services.

Our internal processes and standards are measured against an international Quality Management System. We are ISO9001 accredited and is a registered member of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA).

We design and monitor the construction of infrastructure projects, as well as project management of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical projects.

Korone Engineers is a 100% independent black-owned and run enterprise.


The vision is to be a leading consulting engineering firm in South Africa.


Our mission is to provide the government with a holistic and sustainable structural professional service.

Why Us

Sustainable infrastructure not only enables sound economic development, job creation and the purchase of local goods and services, it also enhances the quality of life for citizens, increases positive impacts (benefits), helps protect our vital natural resources and environment, and promotes a more effective and efficient use of financial resources.

A key to successfully developing environmentally sustainable infrastructure is sharing knowledge and experiences among specialists and building their technical capacity.



We believe in exercising the highest level of professional and ethical behaviour.


At Korone Engineering, our accountability keeps us on schedule, focused on detail and honest at all times.


We believe in exercising the highest level of professional and ethical behaviour.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on effective problem solving and completing our projects on time and to a standard of excellence.

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